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We are proud to announce that our version 2 air ride kit has finally arrived for the W201/W124/S124 chassis. The best air ride kit available for your old Mercedes for the past 6 years!

Our previous bag bracket kit left room for improvement and we listened to what you had to say to make our product even better. We have focused on superior bag placement and angle.

With the previous kit the front air bags had issues at full drop that caused the bag to curl over itself due to too much inward angle. We have created an all new lower bag plate that is bolted to your stock control arm keeping the top and bottom of the bag parallel when fully dropped.

In the rear some customers had issues with air bags being too close for comfort with the axle shafts. We have ditched the lower bag brackets and will now be providing an all new fabricated lower control arm with integrated bag mounts and BADASS 3/4" adjustable chromoly heim joints for up to 5 degrees of camber adjustment. This new design will place the air bag 3/4" further from the axle shaft than the previous design, leaving about 1" of space between bag and axle. To make these arms even better we have designed them to allow 1.5" more drop at the spindle. You will be able to run stock rear struts and sit lower than before.

All parts are fabricated in house using 3/16" and 1/4" cold rolled steel and welded by our certified welder.

The full kit includes:
- Front and rear upper bag cups for W201
- Front lower bag plate
- Fabricated camber adjustable rear control arms
- Mounting hardware


Optional extras

- Slam Specialties SS-5 bags and fittings
- Air management system with Airlift 3p
- Management option with compressor and tank will include a Chrome Viair 444C compressor and 4 gallon tank
- Dual compressor option will include 2 Viair 444C and the Airlift 3p second compressor harness.

Looking to add bigger compressors, or different tanks? Contact us for custom managment options.

*This kit is recommended to be installed by a professional mechanic to ensure safe installation

*Drilling a small hole in the front lower control arms is recommended to keep front bag plate secure. Drilling a hole in the rear upper spring pocket is required for air line to access the bag

*We ship worldwide. If your country is not listed please email for a quote