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‘48-‘52 Ford F1 Truck Air Ride Chassis

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  •  Improve the ride and handling of your 1948-1952 Ford F1 / Mercury M1 truck 

  • Hand fabricated bolt on truck chassis built directly for your application

  • Professionally MIG and TIG welded, internally gusseted, fully structured frame rails and suspension components


Commonwealth Chassis Work's signature full slam air ride chassis is engineered with quality as the forefront. Internally gusseted and structured frame rails, crossmembers and frame stiffeners ensure that our components are manufactured in spec with strength in mind. Ditch that old tired C channel frame for a fully box and overlapped frame built to handle high HP engines and sports car like handling. 

Our front tubular control arm suspension and rear parallel 4-Link with watts link will keep you truck planted to the road and is engineered for a quality ride throughout its 8" of suspension travel. The air ride suspension is designed to sit the rocker and lowest portion of your bed sheet metal on the ground while tucking up to a 29" tall tire. The front control arms accept any 1973-1987 C10 drop spindles of your choosing which allows for a vast array of brake options from OEM, WIlwood, and Baer. Rack and pinion steering is provided by a Mustang II steering rack (manual, or power option).  Cam alignment adjusters on the upper control arms allow for ample camber and caster adjustment. 

All of our chassis components are CNC Laser cut, and CNC bent with high precision to ensure quality fit and finish prior to welding. 3/16" and 1/4" Canadian made steel construction throughout. All of our chassis are hand assembled on our chassis jig table to  for an exact fit up prior to welding. 

Chassis Kit Included to bolt on to 1948-1952 Ford F1:

  • Fully welded frame rails with step notch and bridge, internal stiffeners and crossmembers
  • Tubular upper and lower control arms with poly bushings
  • Cab mounts
  • Front Slam Specialties SS-7 bags
  • Rear Slam Specialties SS-6 bags
  • Fully adjustable 4-Link
  • Watts link
  • Brackets for rear differential (option to weld to desired rear housing)
  • Shocks (with option to upgrade to Ridetech)
  • Upper and lower ball joints
  • Engine mounts for SBC, or LS

Optional air ride management and mounts, brake kits, spindles, axle packages, fuel tanks can be included for additional price. Call to discuss all our options